Kids & Pets – support for (future) parents

Dear (future) Parents!

There is nothing more important that safety and happiness of your child. If you're a pet owner as well – you'll admit, that safety and healthy of your pet count equally. Thanks to my wide experience as an animal behaviourist, educator and a mother I can offer professional consultations for (expecting) parents. Let me help you to create safe and happy relationship between pets and kids – pets and babies, toddlers, teenagers.

What inspires me at work and privately are: Attachment Parenting theory, Non-violent Communication (by Marshall Rosenberg), Jesper Juul's family values, democratic education and – last but not least – positive reinforcement while teaching cats and dogs (no abusive methods). I really believe in the power of building a relationship based on respect for another being (human or animal) and for ourselves as well. I will be happy to support your human-animal-family by creating a strong and respectful bond between all of you. More about me to be found here.

Choose Your subject of Kids&Pets behavioural consultation:

We’re pet owners. We’re expecting a baby! How to prepare our pet for life with a Newborn?

-> Pet & Baby

Pregnancy consultation for expecting parents. Let's help your pet accept upcoming changes & prepare it for new life with baby. The sonner we start preparing your cat or dog to welcome your baby, the better.

We’re family with kid(s), who wants a pet. How to start to avoid problems?

-> Kids & Pets

If the family is ready for a cat or a dog, I can help you by choosing the best one for you and by adapting it at your place to avoid problems


Our child and pet do not get along 🙁 How can we create a safe and happy relationship?

-> Kids, Pets & Problems

If you already have kids and pets and… they don't get along well enough or there are other behavioral issues to solve, I'm ready to help.


I work in Warsaw & surroudings but can travel on demand to any other city (additional travel cost apply). Feel free to contact your english speaking animal behaviourist and human-animal family therapist in Warsaw at: +48 504 779 358 &

Julia Galia
Animal Behaviourist, Warsaw