About us

My name is Julia Galia and I am an animal behaviorist / animal psychologist and a dog trainer using the Natural Method®.

I help pet owners resolve behavioral issues of their cats and dogs to improve their relationship with their pets. I also help by the dog-cat / cat-dog relationship

I am supporting member of The International Association of Animal Behavior.


My Education
I graduated with the MA degree from the University of Warsaw. For quite a long time, I have been professionally involved in my long-term passion which is not only animal upbringing & training, but also helping people to understand animals and treat them with respect.

I discovered that being a Animal Behaviorist allows me to improve the well-being of pets living in human environment. I completed the course “Pet Psychologist” at the European Study Center of Animal Psychology. After graduating from this institution, I received a professional diploma of a Pet Psychologist, approved by the Ministry of Education. Further, I also completed a course on the use of flower essence by Dr Bach as a product supporting behavioral therapies. I am also a certified dog trainer using the Natural Method®. I also graduated at SWPS – University of Social Sciences and Humanities. My post-diploma studies at the Faculty of Animal Psychology include not only cats’ and dog’s behavioral issues but knowledge about horses’ psychology as well. I also graduated at Warsaw University course: "Cats – correct behavior and behavioral disorders". I completed Animal Behavior and Walfare course by University of Edinburgh (via Coursera) . I attend regularly different animal behavior/walfare seminars, held by important professionals and animal lovers like Vicky Halls or Professor Sir Patrick Bateson. (My educational way and diplomas in Polish are to be found here.)