Dog-Cat relationship issues: learning to get along

We specialize not only in cats' OR dogs' behavioral issues solving but we are ready to help all families where dog and cat live (or will) together and may experience some dog-cat relationship issues. Together we can teach yor beloved cat and dog how to get along well.


We help to solve the following issues / in the following situations:


  • new dog at cat's home – introducing cat to a new dog
  • new cat at dog's home – introducing dog to a new cat
  • cat is aggresive towards dog
  • dog is aggresive towards cat
  • cat is afraid of a dog
  • dog is afreaid of a cat
  • I live with cat and dog and I'm expecting a child now
  • my cat and dog loved each other and suddenly it changed into a fight
  • fights between cat and dog
  • cat misses a dog when taken outside for a walk
  • pet grieving – cat mourns dog friend
  • pet suffering from pet-friends loss – dog mourns cat friend